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Looking for temporary living accommodation in the region of Utrecht?
B&S Rental Service is specialised in leasing and letting real estate in and around Utrecht and has done so since 1990.

From representative studio flats in the city centre to luxury villas in the wooded outskirts of town.For employees of international companies who are stationed in the Netherlands and need a home away from home for any length of time.

For more than ten years now we have provided our services to those in need of temporary living quarters in the Utrecht region.So anyone looking for exclusive accommodation seeks us out almost as a matter of course. We know Utrecht and its surroundings inside out.

Comfortable accommodation is important to you or to your employees. But you do not want to spend unnecessary time hunting for a new abode.We can help you find what you are looking for in no time. Our starting point is based on your own personal wish list.We will help you pinpoint what is important to you, such as number of rooms, child-friendly neighbourhood or quick access to artial roads.Once your wishes are clear we will meet them quickly and efficiently, including the lease contract and all additional agreements with the owner.

Perhaps you yourself wish to rent out your lovely house or apartment on a temporary basis. In this case, let us be honest. We cannot promise you the moon.After all, it is in your own interest that you receive a realistic estimation of the lease price that matches as closely as possible the market value of your accommodation.What we do promise is a reliable occupant who suits your residence. After all, it still is your home and we will treat it with respect.

B&S Rental Service. Quick, reliable and personal.

Temporary living accommodation for you or your employees B&S Rental Service is specialised in assisting expatriates who are looking for temporary accommodation.

Based on your wishes and our years of experience we select, together with you, a number of residences from the many we have on file.One of our staff members will accompany you during your viewings. You may visit as many addresses as you wish.

Once you have found an abode that is to your liking, we take care of the rest. After all, you have plenty of other matters to think about.Negotiations as to lease price, term of notice, contracts? Agreements on the maintenance of house and garden? By the time you put the key in the lock, everything is settled.

Fully or partly furnished
Most homes we have on file are fully furnished, from carpets and curtains, lights and lamps, chairs and sofas to linens, cutlery and pots and pans.You may also opt for a partly furnished residence with carpeting, lighting, curtains and kitchen equipment.

Lease price
From 700 tot 10,000 per month.

One month rent excluding VAT, upon successful mediation.

No cure, no pay
We charge no registration fee. Should we not find what you are looking for, no bill will be forthcoming.

Woonruimte aanbieden voor tijdelijk verhuur
Van representatieve studio's hartje stad tot luxe villa's in de Gooise bossen.
Voor medewerkers van internationale bedrijven die voor korte of langere tijd van Nederland hun thuis maken.

B&S Rental Service heeft contacten met tientallen grote bedrijven en instellingen in de regio. Van banken en verzekeraars tot IT-bedrijven en de medische industrie. In opdracht van deze internationale bedrijven zoeken wij huisvesting voor hun buitenlandse medewerkers die tijdelijk in Nederland gestationeerd worden
De bemiddeling is gratis.

Om met het belangrijkste te beginnen: onze huurdersselectie is secuur. Wij garanderen u een betrouwbare huurder. Iemand die bij uw woning past, en die op uw woning past. U krijgt van ons een realistisch huuradvies dat de marktwaarde van uw woning zo nauwkeurig mogelijk benadert.

B&S stelt het huurcontract op waarin uw wensen en die van de verhuurder zijn verwerkt. In een inspectierapport beschrijven we de staat van de woning.

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